ABM Furthers Partnership with LOWE at Ivy Station

February 10, 2023

ABM Furthers Partnership with LOWE at Ivy Station

Enhancing Southern California’s Parking Experience

ABM is proud to announce the expansion of our parking services in Los Angeles through our continued partnership with LOWE and the Ivy Station asset in Culver City. ABM now operates the parking and engineering services at Ivy Station, providing a holistic and comprehensive approach to facility services. As a leading provider of facility services, ABM is committed to delivering exceptional services and driving efficiencies for our clients.

The Ivy Station asset is a prime location in the heart of Culver City, offering a mix of residential, retail, hotel, and creative office space with a focus on wellness. With a recent addition of a new Metro stop directly on the property, Ivy Station has become a hub of activity in the community. The Ivy Station was recently awarded two TOBY awards presented by BOMA for 2022 – Mixed-Use Building of the Year and the Pueblo Award. These awards recognize the outstanding design, operation, and management of the building, as well as its contribution to the community, making community outreach one of its primary objectives.

We are thrilled to take on the complete parking management of the garage at Ivy Station, leveraging our expertise and experience in the industry to drive efficiencies and improve the overall guest experience. With a focus on technological innovations, ABM is looking to add the latest PARCS and technology to enhance the overall NOI and guest experience. As ABM continues to grow throughout Southern California, we are committed to providing a holistic approach to facility services and driving efficiencies for our clients.

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